(Situation as at 01/01/2020)
Unless expressly agreed otherwise with the client, the costs and fees of the civil company de le Court, Wahis & Partners are calculated as follows.


Generally speaking, the law firm’s fees are calculated on the basis of the number of hours actually spent, at a rate that depends on the seniority and experience of the partners or associates working on the case. This rate currently varies between € 70 and € 200 + VAT. It may be adjusted in line with the financial stakes involved in the case, the degree of difficulty and the level of urgency. For reasons of efficiency and in order to keep costs down, several people may work on the same case: the partner contacted by the client and other lawyers in the firm, depending on their fields of preference and their availability.

For example, research into doctrine and jurisprudence and adjournment hearings, or the work involved in joining proceedings as a civil party, which often tend to be time-consuming, are usually undertaken by the most junior associates. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly common for two lawyers to handle a case, so as to ensure constant follow-up with a view to improving the quality of the thought put into the case and hence the quality of the work.

As each case has its own particular characteristics, it is extremely difficult to foresee the volume of work that will be required to complete it. This depends on the complexity of the case and the extent of the negotiations that the client asks us to monitor with or to conduct, but also, where litigation is involved, the resistance of the adverse parties. However, the client can at any time obtain details of the amount of work undertaken so far. If this is considered useful, and every time the client so requests, provisions will be placed in the account or interim fee statements will be drawn up.


Lawsuits, negotiations and defences that produce the anticipated result in whole or in part may be subject to either a coefficient adjusting the hourly rate or the application of an additional lump sum. This “success fee” will be calculated in line with the result obtained. For cases that can be assessed in monetary terms, it will not exceed the following percentages:

Amount at stake : from 0 to 25.000 €

Succes fee : 20%

Amount at stake : from 25.001 to 50.000 €

Succes fee : 10%

Amount at stake : from 50.001 to 250.000 €

Succes fee : 6%

Amount at stake : Above 250.000 €

Succes fee : 4%


The administrative costs (€ 25 + VAT), secretarial costs (€ 7.5 + VAT per typed page), travel expenses (€ 0.61 + VAT per kilometer), photocopy and fax costs, etc. are charged to the client and correspond to the actual operating costs incurred by the law firm. The firm may also prefer charging a fixed amount of internal costs, equal to 10% of the charged fees.

Other costs and outgoings, such as legal costs, correspondence and translation expenses, the costs of express courier companies and bailiffs are charged separately.


Fees and (some) expenses are subject to VAT (21 %) as from 1 January 2014.

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